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Modo Agents & Auctioneers have a reputation for providing excellent service and exceptional results

Real estate is a competitive industry. You only have to walk down a medium-sized shopping strip in any suburb of any city in Australia and you’ll see at least three well-established agencies within a few hundred metres of one another. So why open a business in Melbourne, one of the most property-obsessed (and competitive) cities of all?

The answer is simple: we knew we could do things better than they are.

By drawing on our extensive knowledge of the industry and experiences with people from all walks of life, we knew that we could do better. But more than that, we knew we could do it by giving clients an experience like nobody else. To be true experts in real estate it is imperative to know people just as well as you know property.

At Modo, we bring together expertise and enthusiasm.

We make property personal.


Happy clients make happy agents! Here’s a few fresh results we have achieved for our owners.