The Modo Story

Real estate is a competitive industry. You only have to walk down a medium-sized shopping strip in any suburb of any city in Australia and you’ll see at least three well-established agencies within a few hundred metres of one another.

So why, you might be asking, start a new brand in Melbourne, one of the most property-obsessed (and competitive) cities of all?

The answer is simple: we knew we could do things better than they are.

And we knew we could do that by drawing on our extensive knowledge of the industry. But more than that, we knew we could do it by giving clients an experience like nobody else.

Early in the days of setting up Modo, we had this belief confirmed.

We’d done all the administrative work, registered our name, made sure we’d dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts and now it was time to find a premises out of which to work. We rang more than a dozen agents who dealt in property management to enquire about advertised shops.

Only two called us back.

Two – that’s not a typo.

It was almost as if our enquiries were an imposition. It underscored an important point for us: knowledge is useless without a desire to help and a genuine enjoyment of dealing with people.

At  Modo, we bring together expertise and enthusiasm.

We make property personal.

Our People

Why Choose Modo?

When you choose Modo, you choose an agent that has made client service and communication the foundation of its business.

Our service

We base our service around a simple rule (some call it The Golden Rule): treat others as you would have them treat you. In a business based so heavily on negotiation, opinion and personal taste, empathy is incredibly important. If we don’t see empathy in an agent, we don’t employ them.

Our communication

Once you’ve listed your property with Modo you can expect a level of openness and transparency that you’ve never experienced before.  We’ll give you access to an online system that allows you to find out how many people are interested in your property at any one time, what enquiries we receive, the comments being made at inspections and what sort of prices are being mentioned.  Your account automatically updates after every inspection and enquiry, which means you don’t have to wait for a phone call – you can log in whenever it suits you and find the latest information on your property.

Our approach

For us, real estate isn’t about wheeling and dealing. It’s about no-nonsense negotiation, clear communication and honest advice – every time. Our aim is to treat all parties with respect and fairness. Ultimately, we believe our straightforward approach to business will lead to the best results for our clients. And that’s always what we aim for.

What kind of services does Modo offer?

We think much more about how we can help clients than about which particular property types or services we do and don’t want to focus on.
If you, as a potential client, come to us and say you need help with a specific real estate problem, our response will never be “Sorry, we don’t deal with that.” We’ll always do our very best to help you with that problem.

If you take a look through our website, you’ll see we mention broad categories like commercial real estate, residential real estate, auctions, property management, project marketing, investment and more. That may give you a very general idea of what we cover, but by far the best way of finding out if we can help you with your property question or requirement is to give us a call on 03 9817 6222.

Q. What commission does Modo charge?

A. That’s a fair question, but it depends entirely on the asset and the complexity of the work involved.

Don’t forget that we don’t charge a fee until we produce a result so, technically, our service is free until the job is done.

Q. Does Modo work in my area?

A. Modo is located in Deepdene, Melbourne, but we can help you anywhere in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland.

Q. Is it true that if I list with Modo I can go online any time and find out what people are saying about my property?

A. That’s right. We use a system that collates comprehensive information after every enquiry or inspection – things like how many people came through, what comments they made and what sort of prices they talked about.

And we open it up to you! You can log into your account and find those important details whenever it’s most convenient for you.